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I try to spend a few hours each day reading online cannabis related content. On this page, I'll be commenting on anything and everything going on in cannabis culture from my point of view and making links to interesting content as I find it. If you're a friend from any of the various forums I've posted on in the last 15 years, please send me an e-mail, I want to keep in touch.

My main reason for creating this website is selfish. I think it's the best way for me to keep learning and I have very strong motivation to learn more about cannabis. I have a new theory about teaching. "There's no such thing as a teacher". At the least, there's no use for authority in teaching. Authority only blocks the flow of knowledge back towards the teacher, and that's something I personally can't justify. We're all students here.


Subjects I'm planning to cover soon


A few important things come to mind. Many growers are still using outdated methods of drying and manicuring. Some of these practices, like 'wet trimming' can severely comprimise, or even ruin the finished product. Proper drying and manicuring are essential to connoisseur quality, yet are skills that precious few growers have.

Witholding nutrients during flowering is important for connoisseur quality. Keeping longer season sativa's happy is a skill many growers would like to move towards.

One of the most important subjects facing cannabis growers of all scales today is organic pest management. Too many commercial grows are contaminated by spider mite poisons and fungucides. It's easy to avoid these altogether. I'll talk about my experience with better (mechanical) methods like vacuums, and whole plant soap-water dips.

Mr. Greengenes