A Message from Mr. Greengenes

Hi to all my friends!

Yes, I am the real Mr. Greengenes.* If you are an old friend from Overgrow or I.C.Mag, I apologize for jumping ship. Well, I didn't jump OG, it was shut down. The rug was pulled out from under us by the Canadian guvmint, yeah? I did stop posting on I.C.Mag at some point, not sure the exact time. I really love the ICMag community and regret leaving, but I now have quite a few local Greengenes associates and our projects together were starting to take more of my time. I do still have my account there, maybe I'll revive it

Recently, I was invited to be a regular panelist on the excellent cannabis themed thursday evening podcast "Growing With Fishes". At first, I was surprised that they had found me. After all, I'm not that high profile, and there are other imposters using the name. But, after watching a few GWF reruns, it made sense. PotentPonics, the moderator, digs deep into the knowledge of anything and everything cannabis related. He has surrounded himself with a group of like minded people, and I guess...I hope I fit in!

*There do seem to be many Greengenes imposters recently. I feel bad for them because breeding cannabis is about truth, first and foremost. Hopefully, they just didn't know the name was already taken.


Mr. Greengenes